Hang Or Fold T Shirts - Which Is Better? Hanging vs Folding T-Shirts

Hang Or Fold T Shirts - Which Is Better? Hanging vs Folding T-Shirts

It's an age old argument in caring for your clothes: Should you hang or fold your T Shirts?

There's positives to both hanging and folding, but which is correct and which is better for caring for your t-shirts. Let's take a look.

Why it's better to fold your t-shirts rather than hanging them up in a wardrobe

Some say it's better to fold t-shirts, as the shape retention is better.

The thinking is, that if you hang a t-shirt, it may stretch the shirt. This is also the advice given to garments such as sweaters, jumpers and sweatshirts, but t-shirts can be different.

If you fold a t-shirt you'll not be hanging it up, and therefore it won't get stretched. You may get fold marks and lines, which might need to be ironed out. 

But T Shirts are usually very light, and therefore you shouldn't stretch them while hanging them up in a wardrobe. (Check out T-shirt weights explained)

Why You Can Safely Hang Up T Shirts In Your Wardrobe Without Stretching

T Shirts are made from cotton, and hold their shape pretty well. As mentioned, they're also pretty light.

Therefore you can safely hang up a t-shirt on a good quality hanger which is broad that can take the whole weight of the t-shirt.

Many people use their wardrobe to hang t shirts without any issues. This is usually down to space and convenience, as many wardrobes come with a lot of hanging space.

Hanging vs Folding: Wardrobes Or Drawers

Most of us aren't lucky enough to have huge space and walk in wardrobes. If you have a chest of drawers, you might want to store your t-shirts in there, laid flat.

If that is an issue, hanging your t-shirts in your wardrobe should be fine. As you know Jesmundo has hundreds of slogan t shirts, so if your wardrobe is like us, space may be an issue.

If it's a case whether you're choosing to hang a heavy jumper or t-shirt, you should hang the t-shirt while folding the sweater into the drawers.

Fold Or Hang T Shirts: Which Is Better?

Folding a T Shirt and storing in a drawer is better for your t-shirts. But hanging them shouldn't pose any issues with the quality or fit of your shirt.

T Shirts are light, so can easily be hung up in a wardrobe without any damage.

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