Hen Party Themes - From Tacky And Unique Outfits To Fancy Dress Costumes

Hen Party Themes - From Tacky And Unique Outfits To Fancy Dress Costumes

It's the last night of freedom for the girls, and having a hen party is a right of passage which most future brides do. But what kind of night are you going to have?

Picking out hen party themes can be fun but also tough, there are so many choices!

From the unusual to the tacky and cheesy, something more classic or elegant, there's a whole lot of options, depending on your taste.

There's so many themes which you could choose from, all will go down well with your bridesmaids and friends, we've come up with a couple of ideas to get you started.

Classy Hen Night Theme Ideas

What could be more classy than cocktails? One thing you could do is have a cocktail night, they're definitely not tacky.

This would involve having a cocktail masterclass at a bar venue where you'll be able to create your very own cocktail and learn from the experts, and then drink them up.

Classy Hen Do T-shirts

There's no classier colour than black, so you'll want to be dressed in a one of our black classy hen party T-Shirts.

These can be printed with some sophisticated style writing with whatever you like, along with a cocktail glass printed in the same, or a complimenting colour.

If you're planning on one of these, there's plenty of venues you can have this at, including Revolution Bars which are UK wide.

Cheesy Hen Party Themes

There's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned, tacky or cheesy hen party theme either. We're talking about the most fun night, all dressed up and ready to party.

Go out for some drinks, go clubbing and dance the night away to some classic pop party music from the 80's and 90's. There's no better way to let your hair down, and you're guaranteed to have a good time.

You can do everything from a dare list, scavenger hunt and plenty other hen party games, wear a sash and other novelty accessories and you'll look the part. One sure fire way to get noticed is to be wearing some matching Hen Do T Shirts.

We'll of course do our best to make these personalised for you, with any messages, slogans or graphics you'd like printed on them, as well as nicknames printed on the back for free too.

If you want to get some ideas for nicknames, remember to check our nickname ideas for your hen do if you're having trouble deciding on names.

The idea is to give your girls names based on their personality; So you can have little miss Bride, little miss naughty, little miss bossy, and more! Come up with some really original names and you'll get a laugh on your hen night.

Hen Party Dare List T Shirt

Something which is really fun to do on any hen do is a couple of dares, and what better way of letting people know your challenges than your very own hen party dare list T Shirt.

You can come up with your own dares which the hen or the whole group has to do, which will make for an epic night. Get some hen night dare list ideas and all you'll need to do is complete them on the night.

Hen Party Dare List T Shirts - Personalised Dares

Army Theme Hen Night

Stand to attention! If you and your squadron are the rough and ready type and love a bit of action, the army theme hen do T Shirts will suit you down to the ground.

This theme is easy to pull off, with cammo shorts or trousers and some face paint, you'll be ready for the front lines of the night out.

Army Hen Party T-Shirts

Naughty Nurses Theme

If you've always fancied yourself a nurse but never became one, there's never been a better time! You and your other girls can dress up in our naughty nurses T Shirts, which look perfect in red.

Wear them with some sexy accessories and check the pulses of every man you see.

Naughty Nurses Hen Do Theme T-Shirts

Neon Theme Hen Night

Love a rave or chase the lasers? You'll be a fan of neon, so this is a great way of celebrating your last night of freedom with your friends.

Our neon theme hen party T Shirts come with neon print, you can team these up with neon colour skirts, glow sticks and neon face paint and rave the night away.

Neon Hen Party T-Shirts

Cheerleader Theme

Pom poms at the ready! You and your girls can get the spirit with our cheerleader theme hen do T-shirts. Just add in some of your own pompoms and team the outfit with a skirt, and you'll look the part.

Cheerleader Theme Hen Party

Sailor Theme Hen Party

Land Ahoy! For your last sail before the veil you should go out with a bang, steer clear of those icebergs and get you an your squad some sailor theme hen T-shirts.

Pair these up with some sailor hats and you'll be making waves on the night.

Sailor Theme Hen Do T-Shirts

Devils And Angels Theme

Whether you're a horny devil or angelic angel, we've got a couple of designs which suit both.

A great idea would be for the hens to wear the horny devil shirts, while the bride wears her innocent angel T-shirt.

Devils And Angels Hen Do Theme T-Shirts

Whatever theme you decide on your hen night, we're sure it will go down well. If you're having a hard time remembering everything and getting it all together, take a look at our hen party checklist which will help you out with planning.

With such a large number of ideas you'll have a ball coming up with a theme and then going out with the girls and having an amazing night.

12 Hen Party Printable Games Megapack

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