What Makes A Good Slogan? 7 Tips On Creating A Memorable Slogan

What makes a good slogan? Tips on creating a memorable slogan

Slogans are like magic, they're like gold dust, and are a really easy way of remembering a brand.

If you get a catchy tag line for your brand, company or even for yourself, you'll be more memorable which is always a good thing, especially when branding.

We know a thing or two about memorable phrases, you can see all our slogan T Shirts which will give you some inspiration, but the question remains, What makes a good Slogan?

Here's our expert tips and advice on everything related to words and phrases so you can come up with your own slogan.

Nike's Slogan, Just Do It, is really short and memorable

Keep It Short

First of all when you're thinking of any kind of slogan for your brand, you'll want to keep it short.

This will not only help keep it in people's memories, but if they're searching for it in Google, it will be easier for them to remember to find.

There's no specific length, a good phrase could be only 2 or 3 words, or it could be an entire sentence which just has that magic X factor.

Examples Of Short Slogans

  • Just Do It (Nike)
  • Think Different (Apple)
  • I'm Lovin' It (McDonalds)
  • Eat Fresh (Subway)

Examples Of Longer Brand Slogans

  • The Best A Man Can Get (Gillette)
  • Red Bull Gives You Wings
  • Bang And The Dirt Is Gone (Cilit Bang)

Ronseal does exactly what it says on the tin

Make It Catchy

You want to have a slogan that people will remember, well that's where something catchy comes into play. When you're thinking about how to create a slogan, making it catchy is something you'll want to think about.

This could be a play on words, something funny, or even something that rhymes. "Kids and grown up's love it so, the happy world of Harribo" is really long, but it's a catchy theme song which sticks in your head and is great for branding.

Other methods for using catchy tag lines are using humour. If you ask people where the following comes from, "It does exactly what it says on the tin", they'll probably smile and tell you Ronseal.

That's a funny line which is supposed to be true, and it's a statement which the brand is known for. Using fun and humour is a great way to make it catchy.

Be Positive

Everyone loves positive vibes and energy, everyone wants to feel invincible. If you've got a brand or product which is all about positivity, and most are, then utilizing these types of messages is key.

You can look at examples such as L'oreal, "Because I'm Worth It" is a brilliantly positive message to send out to customers, and it's one which they'll remember too.

Every Little helps is an emotional catchphrase

Be Emotional

A way to get someone to remember something is to play on emotions. If you're a brand which is all about caring, then tell people that.

If it's all about money saving, that's your angle. If it's luxury, make it feel exclusive. Why should people choose your brand over another?

Emotions are personal, it's something you can tap into.

These kinds of slogans aren't about selling the brand or product, but a lifestyle or idea.

Sometimes you may not even know what the product or business is about just from their slogan, but it may make you want to find out.

The Best Emotional Slogans - Examples

  • Every Little Helps (Tesco)
  • Connecting People (Nokia)
  • A Diamond Is Forever (De Beers)
  • Don't Be Evil (Google)
  • The Happiest Place On Earth (Disneyland)

Sell Your Brand - Be Honest And Descriptive

Sometimes you don't need the funniest, catchiest or boldest statement for people to remember it.

You can simply tell people what you do, and that can be enough.

Wikipedia bills itself as "The Free Encyclopaedia", and Budweiser will tell you that they're King Of Beers.

Both of these tell you exactly what the product is, no gimmicks, no cheesy lines, just straight to the point.

Put It In The Logo

Do you want to make the slogan memorable? Your logo will be memorable, so it could be worth adding the tagline into the logo.

This usually happens underneath it, or is incorporated within the logo design itself.

Make It Personal

There's nothing better than feeling important, and you can do this with a slogan by making it personal.

Even if you have a large global company or brand, you need to reach someone as if you're personally talking to them. HSBC do this with their slogan, which is "The World's Local Bank".

Despite the company coming from the Far East and being a global leader, this sentiment is to resonate with the reader, telling them they're local to them.

How To Make A Catchy Slogan - Guidelines

And there you have it, some of our top tips! In review, to make a good slogan which is memorable:

  • Keep It Short
  • Make It Catchy
  • Be Positive
  • Be Emotional
  • Sell Your Brand
  • Make It Personal
  • Be Funny Or Creative

And there you have it! All you need to do now is to get creating. Here's some examples of our favourites to get your creative juices flowing.

Examples and Inspiration For Good Slogans

 The Best Memorable Slogans From Brands

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