How To Create A Slogan: Tips & Tricks For Making A Slogan

How To Create A Slogan: Tips & Tricks For Making A Slogan

Are you looking to create a slogan?

It can be a tough process, but there's plenty of things you can do to make this a whole lot easier.

There's so many reasons why you might want one, and a lot to take into consideration when thinking about a phrase, word or saying.

When it comes to Slogan T Shirts, we think we're pretty good at it. With hundreds of slogans and quotes at Jesmundo, we've got plenty of experience in this area.

Here's some tips on how to craft the perfect slogan.

What Is The Purpose Of The Slogan?

The first thing you should be thinking about is what is the purpose of the slogan.

Are you trying to get attention? Be funny? Be memorable? Here's some reasons why you might be looking for a slogan.


Slogans are no stranger to advertising. Many brands have used, and still use slogans in their advertising. 

Nike has their "Just Do It" slogan which is synonymous to the brand. If you hear these words, you instantly think of Nike.

That is a clever slogan along with a lot of branding over the years.

Having a catchy slogan in advertising is something which is very desirable. 

Making A Statement

Slogans have been used to make a statement forever. Whether you're talking about politics or anarchy statements, they have been used to get a message across.

This can be seen in history with war and pop culture, with them still being used today in protests and when you want to make a stand for or against something.


Slogans can be fun, there's no doubt about it. We've got plenty of funny slogan T Shirts designed primarily to make you laugh.

They are usually light hearted, with plenty of humour and jokes printed on them. If you're ever down, they can make you smile.

What Makes A Great Slogan?

What Makes A Great Slogan?

There's plenty of thought which goes into making a great slogan. Here's some of the qualities you should be thinking about when deciding on a slogan.

We have a lot of ideas on what makes a memorable slogan, but it can be summed up in the following.


Evoking emotion is one of the main reasons you might want a good slogan. When someone says or hears your saying, does it make them feel something?

It could be love, hate, excitement, disgust, sadness, surprise or something else. "Because I'm Worth It" it from L'Oreal, and has emotion behind it. When you hear it, you feel good about yourself.


Having a slogan that rhymes has the obvious advantage that it's almost always going to be memorable. If you can make it rhyme, people will say it and remember it.

The disadvantage is that it may be long. It will need to be 2 lines, so they can compliment and rhyme with each other. 

Keep It Short

If there's one of the most important things to consider for almost any slogan, it's the length. You should try as much as you can to keep it short.

If you have something incredibly memorable which is long winded it could work, but the vast majority of the time, the shortest slogan is going to win.

One of the big advantages is that if you're using it for marketing, you'll be able to easily print it on T-shirts and all other kinds of materials. 

Make A Point

You can make a slogan which stands for something. Take the famous Tesco slogan, Every Little Helps.

It's all about saving a little bit of money on shopping, which makes the slogan every little helps perfect.

Using a slogan which makes a point and drives home a message is a good way of letting people know exactly what you're trying to do.

Make It Memorable

Perhaps one of the biggest qualities a good slogan can have is making it memorable. "Does exactly what it says on the tin" is not only straight to the point, it's a memorable phrase.

This is of course from Ronseal, but you already knew that.

A memorable slogan is similar to a good quote that people remember. They can attribute it to you, your brand or product and the message will resonate with them for longer.

On That Note

And there you have it, some tips on creating a good slogan. They might seem like small and simple things, but putting thought into these few words can really create a big impact for you.

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