How To Pack Your T Shirts For A Lads Holidays

How To Pack Your T Shirts For A Lads Holidays

So you're off on your holidays! One of the things we hate about going away is the packing. It's such a chore, but it has to be done.

If you're going somewhere in the Summer chances are it's going to be hot, so you'll need to make sure you pack plenty of T-shirts to get you through your holiday.

If you're off on a lads holiday, then packing in lots of different T-shirts is a must.

Roll Up Your T Shirts

One method which is said to eliminate creases and ensure your T-shirts stay wrinkle free is rolling them up.

If you roll them up tightly you'll not only have fresh tops to wear, it will also save space in your suitcase too.

That's increasingly important depending on how big your suitcase is, have you paid extra for a hold bag, how much is your baggage allowance or have you skipped it all together and you're just talking a carry-on onto the plane?

You can start this by laying the top down on a table, making sure it's completely flat and smooth.

Then you fold in the arms of the tee, making sure that it's a nice rectangular shape. Then starting from the bottom, roll the top up tightly.

Remember to smooth the T-shirt out as you go, to ensure it stays flat and smooth.

You can place these in a zip poly bag, making sure there's no air inside which will further protect the T-shirts from wrinkles.

Folding Your T Shirts

Folding up your T Shirts is something which most people do, and you can get some pretty good results.

For this method the key is to pack the T-shirts smart. It's best to line your suitcase with them, which means putting them in the bottom, stacking other things over them, making sure they are flat.

Items such as jeans are less prone to creases and wrinkles, and are less to worry about.

On That Note

Whichever method you use, the key is always to start off with a nice, fresh, crisp ironed T-shirt, and work on a large surface such as a floor, bed or table.

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