Funny Nicknames For Lads Holiday T Shirts

Funny Nicknames For Lads Holiday T Shirts

So you've all decided you're going to go on a lads holiday. The destination is picked (if it's not check our top 10 lads holiday destinations) and you've all agreed to go. But there is a problem, what about nicknames?

Having a group of friends means you probably already have a bunch of nicknames for each other. It could be the good old fashioned just use your last name as if you're a footballer, or the most popular and easiest of them all...Just stick a 'Y' on the end of your last name and there you go. There's plenty of Smithy's, Jones's and so on, so the easy option is just to stick the letter 'Y' on the end of your last name. What about the rest?

Funny Lads Nicknames

You don't need to be offensive to have a funny nickname on your lads holiday. If you are the Archbishop of Banterbury, or even if you're not, you can have this as your nickname. The whole idea is for people to find your nickname funny, so get creative and think of some hilarious nicknames. We're talking about rhyming nicknames, or something to show off your personality, or lack of! ;)

Offensive And Rude Words

The blatant obvious thing to do is to pick some random and offensive words to go with your nickname. We're not just talking about dodgy Dave or mischievous Mark, we're talking about some real obscenities. Throw in the word wanker, banging' and the good old pussy patrol and you're halfway there. Offensive language is not for the faint hearted, and you can get some really rude printing which will cause serious offence.

Lads On Tour

You're going abroad on holiday, so you are indeed lads on tour. There's plenty of designs which incorporate this moniker, and the obvious idea is to use the destination place name and insert it into the lads on tour slogan.

Top Gun Call Signs

Fan of Top Gun? Why not use some Top Gun style call signs as your nicknames. If you fancy yourself a bit of a Maverick, Iceman or even Viper, you can be. Everyone will understand the reference, and you can top up the outfit with some aviator shades to complete the look.

Film Quotes

Why not use quotes from your favourite films? We're talking about proper boys classics, such as Pulp Fiction, Die Hard or Anchorman. There's plenty out there, just pick a theme and then go with it.

Free nickname printing

Remember if you're ordering your lads holiday T Shirts from us you'll enjoy a free nickname printing on the back of your shirt. Personalised tees for your holiday is a great way to get the party started on a holiday which you'll never forget, especially if it's your first. You'll remember it forever, and have the T-shirt as part of your memories.

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