Lads Holiday Checklist - Everything You Need

Lads Holiday Checklist - Everything You Need

You've got the tickets, the hotel and flights are booked, you've got your money sorted...That's it right? Not quite!

We don't want you forgetting anything for your lads holiday, especially if it's your first.

It's going to be exciting and a holiday to remember with your boys, so here's our ultimate check list to make it a lads holiday to remember.

Before You Go

Hotel And Flights - Sounds simple but make sure that they are all booked and paid for. Double check the dates, make sure you're flying out from the right airport, and remember the name of your hotel, you'll need to know that!

If you're still unsure where to go, check out the best lads holiday destinations here.

Holiday Money - You can now get pre-loaded cash cards (like a credit card) but we are old school and prefer cold hard cash. Make sure you have plenty, you probably want to take a bit extra than you think you'll need, in case of emergency.

You may want to take credit cards too in case of an extra emergency, but you probably want to use these at a last resort as there may be unnecessary charges.

Insurance - Accidents can happen! We don't want to sound like an old boring losers but taking out insurance should be done. It's not too expensive and even though some people don't take it, it's essential and even if they don't check it's actually required by most airline/holiday providers.

Don't be a fool, take out holiday insurance.

Documentation - Don't forget your passport! You won't make it out of the airport if you forget this. You will also want to take your EU medical card (formerly E111) which covers you for basic medical care.

If you're going outside the EU you may need a VISA, so double check that, you may need vaccinations too if you're planning on going further afield in the world.

Take your drivers licence too if you plan on hiring a car or you may want to use it for ID.

Getting To The Airport - Don't forget you need to get to the airport! Leave plenty of time in case of delays, you'll need to be there around 2 hours beforehand to check in.

If it's local you might want to arrange a taxi, if you're driving to the airport and need to leave your car, remember to organise airport parking.

What To Pack On A Lads Holiday

Packing for a holiday is always a problem. It seems airlines are giving you less and less baggage, so you have to travel lighter all the time.

If you're going for more than a few days, and you probably will be, it's advisable to pay for hold baggage, aka a suitcase.

Depending on the airline you'll get around 20KG which should be fine for a week or so.

Lads Holiday Checklist - The Essential List With Everything You Need For A Boys Holiday

Lads Holiday T-Shirts

Getting your lads holiday off with a bang can be made much easier with getting you and your group some lads holiday T-Shirts. You'll be instantly recognisable and approachable by other groups on holiday, especially the girls.

There's nothing like a printed On Tour tee to grab a girls attention and let her know you're up for a laugh and down to party.

We've got a large selection available, with 10 colours of T-Shirts and vests are an option too. Whether you're looking to make a funny statement or just a big impact, these will do the job.

Have your nickname printed on the back and hear the girls shouting your name from the other side of the bar.

Other Clothing

You'll need to pack some other clothing too. If you're heading somewhere in the sun, and you likely are, then remember to pack the following

  • A Few T Shirts or Vest Tops
  • At least one shirt
  • An extra pair of jeans
  • Shorts - Take a few pair of swim shorts, a few for day wear and a few smarter ones for a night
  • Sunglasses
  • Your coolest cap or hat
  • Shoes - If you want to go for a smart look
  • Trainers (you'll already be wearing some)
  • Boxers & Socks - Remember to pack plenty!
  • Beach Towels

Toiletries - Don't forget your toothbrush! You need to remember to pack all your toiletries, and since you can't take much of these in your hand luggage these days you'll have to pack them in your case. Here's our list of essentials:

  • Condoms
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Shaving Kit - Aftershave, Shaving gel, Razor,
  • Shower Stuff - Wash Bag, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Flannel/wash cloth
  • Hair Products, Comb/Brush and maybe a hair-dryer if you need one!

Electrical Devices

It's 2015 so your bags will be packed with electronics. We're talking about iPods, phones, cameras, iPads, any kind of computers like a DS or PSP and more. With electronics you will need power, so don't forget your chargers!

We also recommend a power brick, which will give you added security when you don't have a power outlet nearby you can plug in your phone or other device to give it some emergency charge.

Be the life of the party by taking a travel speaker, they are fairly cheap these days, you can get a Bluetooth speaker which will be compatible with almost everyone's mobile phone.

Remember! You'll almost certainly need a travel adaptor, don't forget it!

Other Essentials

First Aid - You don't need a complete medic kit, you're not out to save lives, but packing some essentials is always advisable. Paracetamol or other tablets, Blister packs, prickly heat cream and other essentials.

Sun Tan Lotion - We haven't forget this and neither should you! If you're going somewhere hot you don't want to be burnt to a crisp, you don't want sunstroke or just becoming ill because of the sun.

Remember to take plenty sun tan lotion, and get a high factor and work your way down. number 15 or higher is a good place to start, remember to keep applying it every few hours.

Snacks/Drinks - You might get to your accommodation late on a night, or it could be in the middle of nowhere and you may feel hungry or thirsty.

Remember to pack some food, crisps and chocolate always work well.

We think that's it! This is definitely the essentials for your check list to having a great lads holiday, We hope you have found these tips useful.

Get more tips in our lads holiday guide here.

Lads Holiday Challenges

If you're game for a laugh you can check out our lads holiday challenges too which will get your holiday off to the best start and keep you busy for a week or two! Enjoy your lads holiday! ;)

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