Lads Holiday Rules - How To Have A Good Time On A Lads Holiday

Lads Holiday Rules - How To Have A Good Time On A Lads Holiday

You've got the boys together, you've sorted out where you're going, and now you need to know how to have a good time. Gentleman, these are the lads holiday rules!

There's plenty of fun to be had and ways you can have a good time. These rules aren't hard and fast, with most of them being pretty obvious, but just in case there's some that don't know...

Here's how to have a good time on holiday with the lads!

Take Condoms

Take condoms, but not too many. It's the old stereotype of taking an entire suitcase filled with condoms. Don't fall into the trap.

You're going for 7 night or 14 nights, it's pretty easy to work out how many you'll think you'll need (and how many you'll actually need!).

Of course it goes without saying it's better taking too many than none, you don't want to bring something unwanted back.

Lads Holiday T-Shirts

If you're out with the boys, there's nothing better than looking the part, and some lads holiday T-Shirts is the way to get you there.

Cool designs and slogans printed to the front, you can have the destination or anything else for that matter, printed on the front.

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Pre-Drinking Is A Must

Drinking in the room with the lads, or even the hotel is a must. This is the pre-drinking.

It's usually done in the room because you can buy a bottle of vodka or your favourite alcohol in the supermarket for cheap, get a large bottle of Coke or Sprite, and you'll be well on the way to getting hammered before hitting the bars.

Not a fan? You can simplify it by having one shot before you start the night off, as a ritual.

Bring On The Banter

A lads holiday is all about having a good time with the boys, and of course that means lad banter!

If you're the Archbishop of Banterbury, the Bantom of the opera or a Bantersaurous Rex, you'll fit right in. Have a laugh, have fun, it's all in good humour.

Don't be the Banticrist or you'll end up in bantanamo bay.

Don't Overdo It On The First Night

We've all done this. You go out on the first night, go crazy and mental, and you've got a 6 day hangover.

You're holiday is a week or two long, you don't need to go mental on the first night. Pace yourself.

Don't Damage Anything In The Hotel, Ever!

And make sure your mates don't either! Never get in such a state you think it's a good idea to damage things, especially in the hotel you're staying in.

You'll end up with a hefty bill, kicked out of your hotel, or maybe get to stay in a prison cell for a night. 

The Designated, Chat Her Up Guy

Are you or most of your friends shy? Not to worry, that's where the designated chat her up guy comes in.

Get the most confident, which could be the most drunk person out of your group to talk to girls, and then you're all in with the girls group.

Be A Good Wingman

Your mate has found a girl, there's two things which will go through your mind. Ruin it, or help the guy out. Go for the latter, and be a good wingman.

Don't Cockblock Your Friends

When your mate finds a girl and you want to destroy his chances or you get in the way. That is what the cock block is all about. Don't be that guy.

There's plenty of other girls out there, stop cockblocking your mates and go and have a good time.

Something To Take Home

A nice looking lady or a kebab. You choose. Whatever you've got, you'll not want to go home alone. Food is always a good option when there's no interested girls around.

Say No To The Holiday Romance

Have you met the love of your life? Well she did too, last night, and the night before, and the night before.

Don't do the holiday romance if you're going to places like Malia or Zante, because chances are that's not what people are looking for.

The PRs Don't Fancy You, Don't Waste Your Time

You know that girl who's working outside the bar on commission who you think really fancies you? She doesn't. But you already knew that.

Don't waste your time thinking about the good looking PR, have some banter, and that's it. There's plenty of girls in the bars and clubs.

Don't Get A Dodgy Tattoo

It's not a right of passage, it's a stupid idea, yes we're talking about the dodgy tattoo.

Getting a tattoo abroad may seem like a good idea, but it never is. Once upon a time it was considered funny, but now the idea has been done to death.

If there's one thing from the lads holiday experience you can do without, it's the holiday tattoo.

Summary - Lads Holiday Rules

And there you have it! The rules for having a good time on a lads holiday. Follow these and it will be a holiday to remember, for all the right reasons.

Check out more in our lads holiday guide for the best tips and advice for having the ultimate lads holiday.

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