Lads Holiday Destinations 2024

The Best Lads Holiday Destinations

So you're planning on going on a lads holiday? But there is just one little problem, where do you go!

There's plenty of lads holiday destinations, whatever your taste or budget there's a place you and your mates to go. You will have the time of your life and go on a holiday you'll remember forever!

Here's a run down of some of the best lads holiday destinations, in no particular order.


Beeeeefa! Ibiza was, and still is, one of the top places to go for a lads holiday.

If you are into music, and by music we're talking about house, electro, basically all EDM then Ibiza has to be on your list.

You've got sun, sea and sand, not to mention the biggest super clubs on the planet! If you like your superstar DJ's and are a party animal, then Ibiza should be considered.

Word of warning, if you plan on going to the super clubs, and you'll want to go to at least one for the experience, they are expensive!

They cost a lot to get in, and don't even mention the cost of drinks! Read more Ibiza Lads Holiday Tips


On the other Balearic island of Mallorca you have the lively resort of Magaluf. Maga, Shagaluf, or Shagamuff as it's affectionately known as by British lads, it's a cheap and cheerful getaway for young lads to go on a holiday.

If you're looking for a quiet luxury style holiday with the boys, this is not it. Hit all the bars and get yourself down to BCM for a boogie. Read our Magaluf Lads Holiday Tips


Ohh-Ahh Malia, Say Ohh-Ahh Malia!! You've probably heard that being sung before, and it comes from the Greek island of Crete. One of the more notorious places to go on a lads holiday, it might be a messy one if you head here.

It rose to popularity in the early noughties, and is still loved by many. Check our Malia Lads Holiday Guide for more information.

p.s. The Inbetweeners went on a lads holiday to Malia, but did you know that most the movie was filmed in Magaluf.

Sunny Beach

Relatively new on the lads holiday scene is Sunny Beach. It does have a sunny beach, and if you're not too familiar with it it's a resort in Bulgaria on the black sea, near to Burgas.

It has everything you expect to find in a beachy resort, and one thing it has over a lot of places is that it's super cheap! There's a couple of big clubs, and plenty of bars to get a drink, with lots of girls from all the corners of Europe and now plenty of Brits too. Read our guide on Sunny Beach.

Ayia Napa

One of the original homes to UK Garage music, Ayia Napa is located in Cyprus and is probably the most lively of resorts alongside Limassol, with most of the lads holidays going to Ayia Napa.

There's lots of bars and you can party and have a good time, but it's a little more chilled than the manic Malia or Magaluf, but don't be fooled by that, this is still one brilliant place for a bunch of lads. Check out more Ayia Napa Lads Holiday Tips in our guide here.


If you're old enough to remember Greece Uncovered on SKY One then you'll know all there is to know about Kavos...However you're probably now a bit too old to be going on a lads holiday!

Kavos is one of the original party places in Greece, and continues to be a haven for those looking for a good time in the sun.

You'll be heading to the Greek island of Corfu if you're planning on going here, and you will have a great time. Read more on Kavos for lads holiday


Another one from Greece is Zante. With plenty of bars, sandy beaches and boat parties, Zante is another typical cheap and cheerful place to go on your jollies.

Party the night away, and chill out through the day on an amazing beach. What more is there to a holiday? Read more tips on Zante for a lads holiday.


To end the Greek domination of this lads holiday destination guide we have Faliraki. Located on the isle of Rhodes, it's a place to drink till dawn, go to foam parties and spend the day at the water park with your mates. Read our Faliraki lads holiday destination guide here.


Still a favourite of many is Benidorm. One of the original party destinations in Spain, located on the Costa Blanca. It may be seen by some as a bit old fashioned, but let's get one thing straight, it's a party place packed with bars ready to have a good time.

Home to high-rise apartments, you can enjoy a top quality holiday with your mates in Benidorm. Check out our Benidorm lads holiday destination guide here for more tips.


What about winter sun? Tenerife is a short haul flight from the UK, but boasts warm temperatures when England is looking and feeling miserable.

For a young group of boys you'll want to head to Playa de las Americas which is where all the action is.

Not just busy in the winter, if you fancy going in the summer sun you can party in the midday sun which will be blisteringly hot.

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