Lads Holiday Challenges & Points System

Lads Holiday Challenges & Points System

Want to make your lads holiday more interesting? Challenges and games will make it all the more fun, especially if it's your first time away with the boys.

The two biggest challenge types on a lads type of holiday is going to involve alcohol and girls...Yes, drinking and sex.

Here's some ideas to get you started!

Drinking Challenges

  • Who can drink the most shots - A pretty standard one, go out one night and only drink shots, keep count, and the one who can drink the most in the night wins. Being sick means a score of zero, so be careful how much you drink.
  • Who can drink the most lethal drink - Come up with the most lethal cocktail with the most ridiculous amount of alcohol in it, and down it in one. If you haven't been sick and are still standing after 5 minutes, that's got to be worth a point.
  • No drinking the same drink - Sounds easy, but it's not! Everyone has a favourite drink, but in this challenge you're not allowed to drink the same drink in one night. Forfeits for anyone drinking the same drink.

Sex / Girls Challenges

  • Sleep with one girl with different colour hair - That's a blonde, brunette, black hair and of course ginger.
  • Nations Of Girls - Sleep with a girl from a different country. One point per girl per country, no doublers!
  • Rate The Girl They've Slept With - It's not pull a pig, because there's no fun in that! Instead you have to rate the girl your mate has slept with, and that's how many points they get. It's a group decision of course, so make sure she's a stunner!
  • Reverse Rate The Girl - Like above, but you get more points if you can go through with sleeping with someone not so good looking. Again, it's a group decision.
  • Sleep With A Rep - Sex with a rep is a classic which has been going since 18-30 and beyond.

General Challenges

  • Get A tattoo - A girls name from the holiday, one of the lads name's, you choose!
  • Make up nicknames - You have to explain to people why you have the nickname you have, which the rest of the group decides based on your personality. Plan this one before hand, and you can get your nicknames printed on your lads holiday T Shirts which you can buy from us in advance!
  • Convince the locals you're a local, and just pretending to be English.
  • Knickers Challenge - Everyone has to collect as many pairs of knickers on one night as possible from girls, and wear them. The winner is the one with the most pair of knickers.
  • Pretend You're A Worker - Sneak behind the bar and serve customers, pretending you work there. You get 1 point for each drink you serve.

The Points System

You will have to work out a points system, and work out how many points are worth each challenge or activity you do. For simple challenges, such as kissing a girl, it could be one point.

Having sex with one, that could be 10 points.  Everything in between will be various points too.

Easy: 1-2 Point Challenges

  • Kissing a girl
  • Getting a photo kissing a girl,
  • Downing a shot of your choice
  • Do 20 press ups for every drink you have
  • Get a free drink

Medium: 3-5 Points

  • Threesome kiss with girls
  • Don't say no for an hour
  • Speak with a foreign accent all night
  • Sing for the entire night
  • Get a girl to buy you a drink
  • Don't return to your room overnight
  • Dress in something ridiculous - A mankini is an idea.

Hard: 6 - 9 Points

  • Sex with a girl - 6 points
  • Sex with the previous girls friend - 7 points
  • Drinking a shot on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours
  • Sex with a rep - 8 points
  • Threesome - 9 points
  • Go an entire night without spending money, and still be drunk at the end
  • Spend one entire night dressed in a bra and knickers only

Never Going To Happen: 10 Points

  • Sex with mother and daughter
  • Drink a yard of vodka (or as much as you can)
  • Walk around naked for at least an hour

That's the challenges done! Be careful, and these are all at your own risk! Don't get arrested, and have fun on the most epic lads holiday ever!

Lads Holiday Dare Cards

Remember lads, it's all about having fun and a memorable holiday...for the right reasons!

If you still haven't decided where you're going, make sure you've had a look at the lads holiday destination guide, which shows you the best places to go for a Summer holiday with the boys!

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