Roses Chocolates Ranked: From Worst To Best Christmas Chocolates

Roses Chocolates Ranked: From Worst To Best Christmas Chocolates

One of the classics boxes of chocolates to eat at Christmas is a tub of Roses. It's a Christmas tradition to go through the box and pick out your favourites.

There's 11 different treats inside which you can indulge on over the festive period.

But which is the best? Here's the Roses chocolates ranked from worst to best.

Hazel Whirl Ranked Worst Roses Chocolate

11. Hazel Whirl

Ranked bottom of the list in the Roses tub has to be the Hazel Whirl. A horrible mix of nuts and chocolate, you'd have to be nuts to enjoy this chocolate.

It's always the last one in the tub, and is usually thrown out.

Caramel Bite Ranked 10th Roses Chocolate

10. Caramel Bite

Exactly how it sounds, it's the caramel bite. No nonsense, it's a hard caramel with a chocolate coating. Nothing amazing, so it ranks here.

Brazilian Darkness Ranked 9th In Roses Chocolates

9. Brazilian Darkness

Brazilian Darkness is one step up from the bite. It's a softer caramel inside, coated in dark chocolate and finely chopped nuts on the top.

Usually nuts are a no-no, but you can barely taste these.

Country Fudge Ranked 8th Best Chocolate In Roses

8. Country Fudge

It wouldn't be Christmas without fudge, and your box of Roses has it for you. The Country Fudge is always good to eat.

Caramel Ranked 7th Best Chocolate In Roses

7. Caramel

Caramel covered in chocolate, this goes down really well. Nice and soft, it's always good to eat.

Tangy Orange Ranked 6th Best Chocolate In Roses

6. Tangy Orange

The Tangy Orange is exactly how it sounds. Full of flavour, with orange flavoured fondant coated in chocolate.

Coffee Escape Ranked 5th Best Chocolate In Roses

5. Coffee Escape

Coffee sweets are always hit and miss. You either love them or hate them. The Coffee Escape tastes amazing!

It ranks at number 5, and is always a pleasure to find it in it's green wrapper in the box.

Signature Truffle Ranked 4th Best Chocolate In Roses

4. Signature Truffle

A chocolate with a silky smooth filling, that's what the signature truffle is all about.

It ranks a high 4th place because it's got such a nice taste which we only get at Christmas.

Golden Barrel Ranked 3rd Best Chocolate In Roses

3. Golden Barrel

The Golden Barrel is an absolute classic. A barrel shaped piece of chocolate filled with caramel goodness. 

The caramel barrel or golden barrel as it's officially known is one of the best finds in a tub of roses.

Hazel In Caramel Ranked 2nd Best Chocolate In Roses

2. Hazel In Caramel

If you like the caramel and chocolate combination but like the idea of a nutty treat, the hazel in caramel is for you.

It ranks in at number 2, which means it just missed out on the top spot. Purple is the colour of the wrapper to look out for this one.

Strawberry Dream Ranked Best Chocolate In Roses Tub

1. Strawberry Dream

Finally the best chocolate in Roses...It's the Strawberry Dream!

There's no better taste than the gooey strawberry flavoured fondant which is covered in milk chocolate. 

If you're sharing your tub of Roses you'd better be quick and get a Strawberry Dream. If you don't there'll be none left.

And there you have it, Roses ranked from best to worst. Roses are one of the chocolate boxes to really make the festive season what it is.

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Roses Chocolates Ranked From Best To Worst This Christmas

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Do you agree with this list? What's your favourite chocolate in the Roses tin?

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