Celebrations Christmas Chocolate Tub Ranked: The Best And Worst Chocolates!

Celebrations Christmas Chocolate Tub Ranked: The Best And Worst Chocolates!

Christmas time is about many things, but one tradition that's stood the test of time: Tubs of chocolates! 

Who doesn't love getting small and fun sized treats. There's plenty of tubs available, each offering a variety of mini sized chocolates to enjoy.

There's some which are favourites, and there's some that just shouldn't be there.

What's your favourite chocolate in the Celebrations Tub? Here's where chocolates rank from a tub of Celebrations. Worst To Best.

Bounty Ranked The Worst Chocolate In Celebrations Tub

8. Bounty

Why would you put a Bounty in the box of Christmas treats? It's the one chocolate everyone seems to dislike.

Bounty ranks 8th, or dead last in this list.

Snickers Ranked 7th In Celebrations Tub

7. Snickers

Putting nuts in chocolate? You must be nuts to do that! Snickers comes in at just above Bounty. 

Why are they putting these two chocolates in the box when they took out the magnificent Galaxy Truffle?

Milky Way Ranked 6th Best Chocolate In Celebrations

6. Milky Way

It's so soft and fluffy, and it's the lighter chocolate you can eat. 6th place goes to Milky Way.

The lovely white magical goodness is coated with chocolate. 

Mars Bar Ranked 5th Best Chocolate In Celebrations

5. Mars Bar

The Mars Bar is a fundamental right of anyone who's a 90's child. We all remember the adverts, A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play.

The tiny piece doesn't seem to do the chocolate much justice. Or maybe we just long for Mars to bring back the King Size Mars Bar.

Galaxy Caramel Ranked 4th Best Chocolate In Celebrations Tub

4. Galaxy Caramel

Take a block of milk chocolate and fill it up with caramel. That's what a Galaxy caramel is all about.

This in a fun size form, and you can eat the entire box without realising. It comes in at number 4.

Twix Ranked 3rd In Celebrations Chocolates

3. Twix

When you combine crispy biscuit with caramel and top it off with chocolate, you get a Twix.

It sounds simple, but it somehow works incredibly well. Twix gets the combination right every time. 

Galaxy Chocolate Ranked 2nd Best Celebrations Chocolate

2. Galaxy Chocolate

The silky smooth Galaxy chocolate comes in a respectable 2nd. It may only be a simple piece of chocolate, but it's done so well.

When you want nothing more than chocolate, a piece of Galaxy comes through.

Malteasers Teaser Ranked The Best Celebrations Chocolate

1. Malteasers Teaser

And top of the list has to be the Malteasers Teaser. It's hard to explain this one.

It's kind of like a chocolate truffle style, with the goodness of a malteaser wrapped up in chocolate. 

However you want to describe it, it's just so good to eat. The Malteasers Teaser ranks in at number 1.

And there you have it, all 8 chocolates from Celebrations tub ranked. What gets your vote? Would you change the god tier to something else?

When it comes to Christmas, we've got you covered. Make sure you're wearing a Christmas T-shirt as you binge on your favourite Celebrations chocolate.

Remember to check out your other favourite chocolate tubs ranking for Christmas.

Celebrations Ranked From Best To Worst Chocolates

Christmas Chocolate Tubs Ranked

Which is your favourite tub of chocolates to eat over the festive period?

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