Everything You Need For A Halloween Party At Home (Halloween Party Ideas)

Halloween Party Checklist - Halloween Party At Home

Halloween is getting a bigger and bigger deal in the UK. If you're staying home, there's plenty you can do to have the best Halloween party at home!

But what do you need?

Here's our handy checklist to planning the perfect Halloween Party.

Halloween Checklist


No matter if you're a kid or an adult, sweets and chocolate is a must have for Halloween.

It's traditional and more to that, it tastes far too good! Buy some fun treats, put them in a massive bucket and let people help themselves.

Poundland always has some good sweets on offer for cheap, check out your local or online here.

Snacks & Food

Who doesn't love food?

Having a good spread at your night will go down well. Put out a table with some treats and snacks and keep everyone fed.

Treats like sausage rolls, cold meat, crisps and pizza slices will keep your guests happy.

Give your food a Halloween twist, you can make or buy Halloween cupcakes and cakes, and use orange food colouring to make normal snacks more festive.

The best place to get some food for a good price would be your local Supermarket such as Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA.


What's a party without drinks?

You can come up with some inventive Halloween cocktails, and use ingredients such as grenadine which will look like blood.

Using garnish has never been more appropriate, and you can try out things like oranges slices and wedges on glasses, get in some skull cups or goblets and novelty straws.

A cool thing to do is to get some syringes and fill them with a cocktail mix, and then fill a bowl with the syringes.

This will add a very alcoholic kick to the party and you're guests will not forget it (Or maybe they will!).

You can check out some cocktail ideas here over at Delish.

A punchbowl is also a pretty good old school idea, create an awesome cocktail and fill a bowl with it.

Everyone loves a woo woo and it's red in colour, so you could try that out.


You need to turn your house into some kind of Halloween fun house, and it really needs to look the part.

The entrance is an important part, and will set the tone for the rest of your house.

Getting some fake spiders web is a great idea, along with other props for the front door and around the garden if you have one.

Don't forget the pumpkin, the most traditional part, which you can place outside your door.

Next up is the inside. It's more of the same, with fake spiders, webbing and lots of black.

You can use black sheeting to make your place look darker than usual, and decorate the sheeting with patterns and graphics including ghosts and other spooky stuff.

Table decorations are also a must have. Use festive plates which you'll be able to buy.

Decorate the table with trinkets designed to be scary, including fake eyeballs, spaghetti style brains and more.

You can check out B&M and Wiko in store to see what they're doing, with lots of cheap decoration ideas.


You can keep with the Halloween theme with scary music, or the sounds from every scary film you can think of.

The iconic Thriller from Michael Jackson would be a great start, and it's a song everyone knows.

Build a Halloween playlist which will get everyone in the mood to party.

Entertainment & Games

 One of the most traditional games you can do is bobbing for apples.

If you want to take your party to the next level, a murder mystery game will definitely do it.

It will take a lot of planning, but it will be worth it, and definitely will make it a night to remember.

For something more fun, light and social, a scary theme quiz could go down well, themed around horror films, TV and music.

Fancy Dress Costume

You need something to wear, right?

When it comes to a fancy dress costume for Halloween, there's a couple of different paths you can go down.

First of all is the traditional way; Go for something truly scary! That could be anything from a scary witch to a skeleton, spooky black cat, a clown like the relaunched I.T. film, or scary queen.

Check out more of our Halloween Costume Ideas if you're looking for something really original this year.

Another option is to go down the sexy route. This is what some girls have been doing who just love to dress up!

You can put a twist on the outfit, and keep in with the Halloween theme by adding scary elements.

Great choices include a scary sexy nurse, Harley Quinn or a Disney character.

There's so many costumes over on Amazon, you have to check them out.

Makeup really sets off the outfit and your overall look. People are going all out and making some really sophisticated and complicated make-up looks and coming up with some killer ideas.

Halloween T-Shirts

Halloween T Shirt

If the whole fancy dress idea is passing you by and it's not something you want to do, what can you do?

We have the answer, if you've got a good personality and love a bit of a joke, you'll love our Halloween T Shirts.

It's the funniest way of having a good night and keeping in the holiday spirit.

With funny designs and slogans which are specific to the date, people will think that this unique take on Halloween clothing is pretty funny.

Dress them up with some scary make up, and you'll be set.

Finishing Touches

Make sure that you have bought everything, double check and then it's down to getting everything ready. Get the pumpkin carved and put up all the decorations and get yourself ready for the night.

Remember it's a party, so have fun!

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