The Best Halloween Costume Ideas - 19 Halloween Outfit Ideas

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is all about dressing up and having fun, and more and more people are putting so much effort into their outfits and costumes.

What are you going to go for this year?

With cartoon characters, retro and memorable characters from the past, scary traditional costumes and going for the sexy look, there's plenty of ideas on what to go for.

Here's our run down of the best Halloween costumes, which will give you some inspiration on what to wear this year.

Group Halloween Theme Costumes

Going to a party with your friends? A brilliant idea is a group effort, where you all pick the same theme and go as that.

There's so many ideas for this we've come up with a lot below, and can include everyone going as their super hero, or everyone being from the same "universe", meaning they're from the same TV show or series.

Remember if you're the one throwing a party to check out our Halloween Checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

90s Cartoon Theme Halloween

Why not go as your favourite character from your childhood. The 90's had the best ever TV shows and cartoons, with the most memorable characters which are easy to recreate. Here's our favourites and some ideas to get you started.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a brilliant idea because there's so many characters! Not only do you have Marge, Homer, Lisa, Maggie and Bart, you've got Ned Flanders, Patti & Selma, Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggam, Grounds keeper Willy, Moe, MR Burns and everyone else!

If you've got a big group you'll look epic with everyone being a different character.


A favourite of everyone in the mid 90's the story of Doug Funnie is a good one.

Not only can you have the characters which were in Doug such as his sister Judie, best friend Skeeter, Patti Mayonnaise and of course bully Roger, Doug himself had his own characters such as Smash Adams and Quail Man.

Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold was a classic, not only that, it's made a come back in 2017! There's plenty of fun characters to get dressed up as, Arnold himself, his best friend Gerald, and of course Helga.


Another favourite from the Nickelodeon universe is Rugrats. Before the feature length animations there was the cartoon series itself, a one we all loved.

With memorable characters such as Tommy, Chuckie, Phill and Lil, there's also our favourite Angelica.

Real Monsters

Aaah! Real Monsters! This is the final idea from our small Nickelodeon line up, and may be a little bit niche. How many of us remember Real Monsters?

Well it was a hit on Nick back in the early to mid 90's and since it was a cartoon about monsters, it seems odd not to give it a mention in a guide for Halloween Costumes.

The Flintstones

Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty...We're talking about The Flintstones! If you want to go down the retro cartoon route, The Flintstones is a great way to do it, with characters which are easily recognisable.


Did someone say Disney Princess? If you're thinking of doing a Disney theme Halloween, there's far too many characters for us to mention, but we can come up with a few for you.

As far as princesses go there's Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, and of course the man himself, or go for something more up to date, Elsa is the obvious choice.

Computer Games

If you like Cosplay you'll know all about dressing up as a character from your favourite video game. Video games usually have multiple stars, so if you can get your squad on board, you'll all look pretty awesome in your matching costumes.

You'll have already seen our range of gaming T Shirts, all of which could be worn. But if you want to go that extra mile, these computer game costume ideas should give you some inspo.

Street Fighter

Hadouken! We're talking about Street Fighter! One of the best ever fighting games in the console and arcade generation of gamers, there's a ton of characters which you can easily get dressed up as to have a great Halloween party.

Ryu and Ken are among the easiest to do, with a lot of green needed for Blanka, with Chung Li being a great choice for any girl.

Mortal Kombat

The great rival to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat was another fighting game from the 90's era. There's plenty of ninja style characters go get dressed up as, such as the infamous Sub Zero and Scorpion, both great characters.

Super Mario

Finally from our video games series we've selected Mario. You can your friend can be Mario and Luigi, and try to find someone to be your Princess Peach.

There's also toad too, and if you're a bit of a boss then Bowser could be the guy to go for.

Classic Films

Another idea is that you get dressed up as classic films. There's a huge number of films which you can use for inspiration.

We're going to look at some of our favourites which are instantly recognisable so everyone will know what look you're trying to pull off.


We can't talk about classic films and not mention Grease. You and your girls can go as the Pink Ladies, and make sure you have a Sandy in that iconic outfit seen in the final scene of the film.

There needs to be a Danny Zucko, so if you've got a mixed squad, make sure they're dressed up as the T-Birds too!

Top Gun

You can be my wingman any time...If you and the boys are going on a night out during Halloween or just to a party, going as Maverick, Goose and Iceman is such a brilliant idea!

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn

There's only really one character you need to think about going as, Harley Quinn!

Last year from the back of the Suicide Squad film there were so many Harley Quinn outfits and costumes at Halloween, and this year will be no different.

Add some sexy to the party in this outfit, it's all about the Make-Up, check out this handy tutorial here to look the part.

Napoleon Dynamite

The film Napoleon Dynamite has a cult following, and if you're one of it's loyal fans, this could be a great idea for your Halloween party.

That classic Vote For Pedro T Shirt is easy to do, get a pair of glasses and a wig, and you're good to go.

Mean Girls

She doesn't even go here! Is butter a carb? You can't sit with us! Mean Girls is another film with a cult following, and along with that, a large number of hilarious quotes and sayings which we all know and love.


The last film we'll mention has the scariest clown ever, pennywise, and it's Stephen King's I.T. which has got a brand new remake which was released in 2017.

How many clowns will we see this Halloween? It could be a popular costume choice.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

You could always show your sense of humour and for Halloween this year, get dressed up as something which is guaranteed to get a laugh.

It's far more original rather than traditional, although in some cases you may need to do some explaining.

We kick it off starting with some of our Halloween T Shirts. What's an easier thing to do than throwing on a plain and simple tee?

Not only that, the designs and slogans which we're doing for Halloween this year will make a statement and get you noticed, for the right or wrong reasons.

Juan Direction

This is one of our favourites, a parody on the band One Direction, we give you Juan Direction. We love the idea that there's a Mexican boy band somewhere singing One Direction hit songs, you can be that band.

All you need is a plain T-shirt or vest top, a sombrero and a moustache, and you're all set!

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura was a hilarious film, but he was pretty much the only character from either of the Ace Ventura films.

Having said that, if you can pull this look off, and be even half as funny as Jim Carey, you'll have an unforgettable night.


We hope that's given you some inspiration for Halloween this year, there's so many great themes and ideas for outfits and costumes, it's so hard to nail down just one concept.

Don't forget the music, you can check out our Halloween playlist for some ideas on what to play on the night.

So here's to an awesome Halloween night, whatever you're doing and whatever costume you decide on picking.

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