The Worst Chat Up Lines Ever!

The Worst Chat Up Lines Ever!

Why do guys even attempt these terrible, cheesy chat up lines? Do they actually work?

Some are actually funny, and some are so cringe-worthy you can do nothing but laugh.

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There's everything from the subtle and cute at one end, to the offensive at the other. So you've read all about how to be a wingman, and now you need to talk to the ladies.

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Here's our favourite chat up lines, if you can have favourites...Let's call them the best of the worst! If you fancy being flirty here's how, although we're not guaranteeing these will actually work!

Cheesy Chat Up Lines

  1. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven
  2. Hi I'm MR Right, I heard you were looking for me
  3. If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put U and I together
  4. Get ya coat, you've pulled
  5. Heaven must be missing an angel
  6. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past again
  7. You can kiss heaven goodbye, it's got to be a sin to look that good
  8. You must be Jamaican. 'Cause ja-makin me crazy!
  9. I seem to have lost my number. Do you mind if I have yours
  10. Can I have your photo so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas
  11. Is your name Google? Because you've got what I've been searching for
  12. Make sure you've got your shoes tied, so you won't fall for anyone else
  13. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give you it back
  14. I hope you know CPR 'cause you took my breath away
  15. Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got FINE written all over you
  16. Your lips look so lonely, would they like to meet mine?
  17. Are you a light switch? 'Cause you turn me on
  18. Are you a broom? 'Cause you swept me off my feet
  19. Hey do you remember me? Oh that's right, we only met in my dreams
  20. I think you're lacking in Vitamin ME
  21. See my friend over there...He wants to know if you think I'm cute
  22. If you were a vegetable you'd be a cute cumber
  23. Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you I smile
  24. You know what you would look beautiful in? My arms


Dirty Chat Up Lines

  1. Great Legs, What Time Do They Open?
  2. There's a big sale in my bedroom right now. Clothes are 100% off!
  3. Marks out of ten? I'd give you one!
  4. I'm Lost. Please take me home with you
  5. How do you take your coffee in the morning?
  6. Are you a mirror? Because I see myself inside you
  7. You're body is a Wonderland. I want to be Alice
  8. History is not the only thing I'll go down in
  9. You're top of my to do list
  10. That shirt would look great on my bedroom floor


Offensive Chat Up Lines

  1. Are you free tonight, or will it cost me?
  2. Hi, what's your name, you'll do
  3. Here's 20p ring your mum and tell her you won't be coming home tonight
  4. Do you have a name, or shall I call you mine
  5. Do you work for Royal Mail? Because I saw you checking out my package
  6. You're looking great...For your age
  7. I couldn't help but notice your smell. We should go and take a shower together
  8. You look like trash, you should really let me take you out
  9. The more I drink the better you look
  10. Hopefully you have a nice personality...
  11. I'm easy...Are you?

Geek And Nerdy Chat Up Lines

  1. Is your name WIFI? 'Cause I'm feelin' a connection
  2. I'm learning about important dates in history. Do you want to be one of them?
  3. I want our love to be like Pi. Irrational and never ending
  4. I need more than 140 characters to tell you have beautiful you are
  5. If you were a triangle you'd be the acute one
  6. Forget Hydrogen. You're my number one element
  7. Do you want to see my 3.5"
  8. I'd never want to CTRL ALT DEL you
  9. You've got the curves, I've got the angles
  10. Are you a keyboard? 'Cause you're my type

And there you have it! Chat up lines to cover everything, from the most hilarious to the cringeworthy, we've got them all right here.

If you're looking for a different approach, you could try our funny ways to break the ice, perfect for a new conversation with the person you fancy.

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