Hilarious T-Shirts To Wear In Lockdown

Hilarious T-Shirts To Wear In Lockdown

2020 has been a hell of a year! Who would have thought that it would have turned out this way? We've seen terrible things happen, and lockdown is one of them.

For the most strange times in our history, all we can do is laugh. If we don't laugh, we'll probably try. Being cooped up in the house or not being able to see our friends. It's all bad.

If laughter is the best medicine, we've got some hilarious t-shirts you can wear.

We've curated lockdown t shirts which you will love. You can wear these in the office if you're lucky enough to get into work, or around the house. Or you can just keep them to remind you of the year that should have been cancelled, 2020.

Back To Lockdown

Back To Lockdown T-Shirts

We've already had one lockdown, and this design is in anticipation for part 2.

In fact, when you've read this, we've probably already been in it. Back To Lockdown Part 2 is a funny take on the current lockdown situation which nobody wants.

If You're Reading This You're Standing Too Close

If You're Reading This You're Standing Too Close T-Shirt

Would you believe this has been in our store for the longest time? Originally about being unsociable, If You're Reading This You're Standing Too Close is a T-shirt which sums up life today.

We've all got to keep our distance, and this funny slogan has the words printed so big you can read them from miles away.

Working From Home T-Shirt

Working From Home T-Shirt

It's something we're all used to by now, Working From Home. But how much work are we doing?

If you're work consists of wearing PJs and zoom meetings with your favourite TV show on in the background, you're not alone! Change up the outfit and get our "Working" from home tee.

I Have Been Social Distancing For Years

I've Been Social Distancing For Years T-Shirt

Are you an unsociable person who prefers to not mix with people? This sarcastic and hilarious tee is made for you.

The I Have Been Social Distancing For Years T Shirt is made for you if you've never been a fan of people. Have a bit of fun with this slogan design.

Social Distancing: I've Been Preparing For This All Of My Life

Social Distancing T-Shirt

Another take on this sarcastic idea, this social distancing t shirt once again makes light of you if you prefer your own company.

If you're the kind of person who thinks socialising is overrated, this quote is for you.

I'm Fine T Shirt

You might just want to let everyone know that you're doing OK, so our I'm Fine T Shirt will do exactly that.

Next time you're in a group chat or zoom meeting, wear this and let everyone know you're doing fine.

And that's it! 6 hilarious t shirts to wear in the lockdown. Whether you just want a keepsake as a reminder or are looking for something funny, these designs do the job.

The perfect slogans to show off your sense of humour, even during lockdown.

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