19 Of The Most Hilarious T-Shirts About Dads

The Most Hilarious T-Shirts About Dads

Dads are funny, from their dancing to their apparent lack of dress sense. They're total cringe at times, but it all adds to the charm and we wouldn't change them for the world!

With that said, we've curated some of our t shirts perfect for dads. There's definitely a slogan or quote here which will sum the big guy up.

From hilarious and funny statements to sarcastic messages, there's a tee here that was made for him.

T-Shirts For The DIY Dad

Nothing Is Impossible With The Right Attitude And A Hammer T-Shirt

Our Nothing Is Impossible With A Hammer And The Right Attitude T Shirt is for the DIY Dad.

If he's always doing DIY whether he wants to or not, he should be wearing this shirt. Forget about the right tools, all you need is a hammer.

This Is Not A Drill T Shirt

Another hilarious tee for the DIY dad, This Is Not A Drill T Shirt has the joke printed front and centre.

The phrase is printed alongside a hammer. It's not a drill after all. 

Stand Back I Am A Professional T-Shirt

When he's busy at doing some handyman work, this message will be in his mind. He'll probably say Stand Back I'm A Professional even though he clearly isn't.

A T-shirt for dads that don't read the instructions...So every dad then.

Dad's Who Are Grumpy Old Men

He's been waiting all his life to achieve his dream of being miserable! We've got an entire collection of grumpy old man t shirts, dedicated to those who love to moan about life.

These are some made for the dads out there.

I Never Dreamed I Would Be A Grumpy Old Man T-Shirt

Dad's who are living their dream living the grumpy life. I Never Dreamed I Would Be A Grumpy Old Man is a t-shirt for the dad who has it all. He's achieved his dream, and living large in life.

Shh Nobody Cares T-Shirt

Has your dad ever told you to be quiet? He probably has!

This design is made for that very occasion. Shh Nobody Cares T Shirt makes a statement when he doesn't want to.

If he looks like he's listening but you know he's not, this quote sums that up.

Despite The Look On My Face You're Still Talking T-Shirt

When you're talking to your dad and he has that look on his face. This design speaks volumes.

Despite The Look On My Face You're Still Talking T Shirt is hilarious, and he'll love to wear this every day.

T Shirts For Dads Who Love Beer & Alcohol

Beer is almost universally loved by all dad's. It is the nectar of the gods, and there's nothing better than having a pint.

These designs are for dads who love beer, with a dash of humour. 

In Alcohol's Defence I've Done Some Pretty Stupid Things While Sober T-Shirt

For when your dad blames the alcohol on his drunken behaviour, he can always say this. In Alcohol's Defence I've Done Some Pretty Stupid Things While Sober is a slogan to exonerate beer and alcohol from the occasion.

When you don't want to blame the beer, blame yourself.

Are You Drunk T-Shirt

If you ask your dad if he's drunk, the answer is going to be no. It doesn't matter what state he's in, he'll not admit to being drunk.

This hilarious graphic on the T Shirt asks the question are you drunk, with checkbox answers. He was too drunk to fill it in, and the cross is some distance from the box.

If Found Please Return To The Pub T-Shirt

If the old man spends more time in the pub than in the house with the family, get him this tee for his next outing.

If Found Please Return To The Pub is a T-Shirt he can wear next time he's having a pint. If he decides to wonder, he'll be taken home...To the pub of course.

Just One More Beer Said No One Ever T-Shirt

I'll just have this last pint...Does that sound familiar?

If your dad does say the magic words Just One More Beer, rest assured it won't stop at one. You'll find that out after 7 or 8 that just one more doesn't exist.

Get him this tee, so you can at least have a good laugh about it.

Dads Who Love Pies

Pie is the food of the gods. Every dad knows that, there's nothing that beats a good meat pie.

Whether he loves a steak, mince, chicken or something more fancy, these are printed tees he'll like just as much.


Pies T Shirt

When you love pie a whole lot, there's not a lot of words needed. The Pies T Shirt expresses the only emotion you need...mmm.

Get this tasty design for your next pie day.

Is there any doubt in the message in this shirt? If he loves them, then the big guy will love his very own I Ate All The Pies T Shirt

T Shirts For Gaming Dads

The modern dad is now a gaming dad. It used to be that the kids would be the ones playing games, but now it's the dads turn.

Whether he loves playing a bit of fortnite, COD, FIFA or something else, he'll look as cool as he can wearing this tee playing it.

T Shirts For The Lazy Dad

Someone Called Me Lazy Today I Almost Responded T-Shirt

Lazy dads...Are there any other kind?

For the most laid back dads, we have a few slogan tees to sum up exactly how lazy he is.

Someone Called Me Lazy Today I Almost Responded is a hilarious t-shirt for dad's so relaxed they can't even be bothered to reply to something.

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Lazy T-Shirt

Our Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Lazy T Shirt has the joke printed on the front which is easy to understand.

The list starts at 1, and that's all there is. The ultimate in lazy is creating a list and not even getting to the start. This is a whole new level of laziness.

T Shirts For Dads From Daughters

I Love My Daughter Dad T-Shirt

There's a special bond between a father and his little girl, and this dad daughter t shirt shows that off.

The slogan is printed large which reads I Love My Daughter but then under in smaller writing it states Yes she bought me this shirt. 

Get this design for your dad for the next big occasion so he can wear it and have a laugh.

T Shirts For Sarcastic Dads

Me Sarcastic Never T-Shirt

When it comes to sarcasm. dads are the grand masters. These sarcasm t shirts really sum up the big man and he'll enjoy wearing them.

When it comes to a phrase which oozes sarcasm, the Me Sarcastic Never tee is perfect.

Written in a large size which cannot be missed, if he's got a sarcastic personality he'll love this.

I'm Not Always Rude And Sarcastic Sometimes I'm Asleep T-Shirt

Does it feel like your dad is sarcastic 24/7? He might have a good argument for that.

I'm not always rude and sarcastic sometimes I'm asleep t shirt explains that he's only running on sarcasm when he's awake. He's got to sleep sometime, right?

T Shirts For The Awesome Dads

This Is What An Awesome Dad Looks Like T-Shirt

Finally we cannot leave out the brilliant and best dads of all. This is what an awesome dad looks like is something you can get him when you want him to know how you really feel.

He is absolutely awesome after all, and this design sums it up, with arrows pointing inwards.


And there you have it, 19 of the most hilarious t shirts about dads. There's definitely a design there for your dad.

No matter if his love is sarcasm, gaming, beer or just being a grumpy old man, there is a t-shirt for him here.

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