Single Day 2020 Event - Our Top T-Shirt Picks

Single Day 2020 Event - Our Top T-Shirt Picks

Singles Day 2020 is here! In the current climate we need something to look forward too, and we've got 24 hours of goodness to bring you.

If you're unaware, singles day is the 11th November aka 11/11, which as you can see all the number one digits in a row. It started off as an unofficial sales holiday in China, but has made it's way around the globe.

We've got our very own event especially for today, and it's a good one.

All T Shirts are £11.11 for the day! This is a nod to the date 11/11, and with that we've reduced the delivery to £1.11 for today only.

 Here's some of our favourite t shirts you can get today for a great deal.

These are the top T-Shirt picks of the day.

Working From Home T-Shirt

Working From Home T-Shirt

It's what we're all doing once again! We're into lockdown part 2, so wearing this working from home t shirt will come in handy.

Look cool in your next zoom meeting wearing one of these while you listen. It will bring joy to everyone on the call.

I Don't Like Mornings Or People Or Morning People

I Don't Like Morning People Or Mornings Or People T-Shirt

For when you finally do make it into the office, this slogan is one which will come in handy.

If you're not a morning person, tell them in the I Don't Like Morning People T-Shirt. It will surely be a big hit in the office, and people will know to leave you alone until after lunch.

My Greatest Talent Is Watching TV

My greatest talent is watching 5 years of tv in a day

Something we've all been doing lately is watching TV...A LOT of TV!

There's nothing better than binge watching an entire series, and that's what this design is all about.

If your greatest talent is watching 5 years of TV in 1 week, you can get this t shirt to show off your epic skill.

Days Without Sarcasm

Days Without Sarcasm T-Shirt

If you can't go even one day without saying something sarcastic, the days without sarcasm t shirt is what you need.

It features the number zero in a box, indicating that it's another day where you haven't been able to go without sarcasm.

Living My Best Life T Shirt

Living My Best Life T-Shirt

When it comes to making a statement, our living my best life t shirt does that well.

Let everyone know you're happy with live and the way things are going in this slogan tee.

And there you have it, our top picks for singles day 2020. We have over 700 T Shirts to choose from on the site here.

Grab yourself a bargain or two, singles day is only once a year!

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