Introducing Jesmundo Slogan Tote Bags

Introducing Our Slogan Tote Bags At Jesmundo

What do you carry your stuff around in? We've got the answer, it's our brand new Jesmundo Slogan Tote Bags! We're introducing our slogan tote bags for a limited time, all with some brilliant quotes, prints and statements for you to carry around.

The bags are made from 100% organic cotton, have long handles and can pack a lot of your favourite items inside. Whether you use these around town, going to work, shopping or for your holidays, we've got the perfect bag for you.

Our limited collection is exclusive, and currently features 12 brilliant bags. Here's just a few of our favourites.

 Lots Of Stuff I Don't Really Need

Lots Of Stuff I Don't Really Need Bag

We all seem to have way too much stuff in our lives, it's just full of clutter. If you're the kind of person who likes to make sure they have everything to hand, our Lots Of Stuff I Don't Really Need Bag is what you need to have.

My Other Bag Is Designer

My Other Bag Is Designer

If you're the kind of girl who loves a designer bag but either doesn't own one, or just doesn't want to take it to some dodgy place, our My Other Bag Is Designer is a hilarious slogan which will make people laugh.

Shopping Is My Cardio Bag

Shopping Is My Cardio Tote Bag

Prefer lifting shopping bags to weights? You need to be rocking our Shopping Is My Cardio Tote Bag. Get the best work out you can without going to the gym, just take this bag shopping with you.

Sun Sea Sand Tote Bag

Sun Sea Sand Tote Bag

A brilliant holiday bag, it will work well down at the beach when you're on holiday this year. Our Sun, Sea Sand Tote Bag leaves a little bit to the imagination with the three dots. What could be missing? You decide!

Life's A Beach Tote Bag

If you love to get some sand between your toes on your summer holiday, our Life's A Beach Tote Bag is the one you need to be taking with you. It's bright blue with the brilliant white slogan and beach style graphic.

Vacay Mode Tote Bag

Vacay Mode Tote Bag

Great for carrying your towels and sun lotions down to the pool, our Vacay Mode Tote Bag will look great next to your sun lounger.

Beach Mode Tote Bag

Beach Please Tote Bag

Another option to take to on holiday with our, this is our Beach Please Tote Bag. With the big and bold slogan, everyone will know where you're going once you get outside in the sun.

And that's it, our limited edition tote bags, perfect to carry around with you this summer. Team them up with a slogan T Shirt and you're set. 

Which tote is your favourite?

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