Introducing Geordie Prints! Geordie Definitions For Your Walls

Introducing Geordie Prints! Geordie Definitions For Your Walls

Our latest products have arrived! If you're looking for something for your home, our Geordie prints are perfect. They add some fun to your walls, or put them in a frame on a table top.

There's no better dialect than Geordie, in fact some people think it's a language all of it's own. And it kind of is, it's what we speak in Newcastle upon Tyne!

We've got our Geordie definition prints that break down exactly what the most popular Geordie words actually mean...With a bit of an edge on humour of course.

We've got all your favourite Geordie words as definition prints. Here's a couple of favourites.


Charva Print

What is a charva? Well this print explains it all. It's probably not a word you'd want to associate yourself with.


Radgie Print

An absolute favourite word is radgie. If you know a radgie this print makes a great gift for them. Watch their face as they open the radgie print.


Bairn Print

A brilliant idea for your kids of baby's bedroom, the Bairn print will look great. It of course means child, but we all know it's said by parents about their grown up adult children!


Of course we have the Geordie Definition print. This is the staple of all the prints, the definition of a true Geordie.

Get all of these prints which are available as A3, A4 and A5 sized prints. They come unframed, so you can pick your own frames to go with the decor of your home.

Put these up in a living room, dining room, bedroom or stand them in a frame.

And there you have it, our Geordie prints. Put some life into your rooms with these Geordie definitions. Take a look at our full collection of wall art prints which will spruce up your house.

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