The Holiday Edit: Brand New T-Shirts For The Airport

The Holiday Edit: Brand New T Shirts For The Airport

Off on your holidays soon? You need to look the part, and at Jesmundo, we've designed some brand new T Shirts which will have you looking your best while at the airport, with these tees getting you in the holiday mood!

When it comes to picking out a few summer holiday T Shirts, you have to choose carefully. Luckily, we've designed some which we think you'll love to wear, especially when you're thinking about what to wear to travel in.

Here's a look at some of our brand new tees so you can travel to sunnier climates in style.

Ready For Take Off T Shirt

Ready For Take Off T Shirt

Our Ready For Take Off T Shirt is all about when you're all set to fly. This design will let everyone in your party know you're geared up for your holiday and raring to go. Get the men's T-shirt here, or the women's fitted T Shirt here.

Airplane Mode T Shirt

Airport Mode T Shirt

When you don't want to be bothered as you're on holiday...That's what the Airplane Mode T Shirt is all about. When you're in airport mode nobody at home can bother you, there's no signal, and you're free to enjoy your holiday.

Get the men's Airport Mode T Shirt here and the women's fitted version here.

Boarding Pass T Shirt

Boarding Pass T Shirt

If there's one thing you don't want to forget when you're in the airport, it's your passport and boarding pass. We've got our boarding pass t shirt which will serve as a reminder, and let everyone know you're very much in the holiday mood. All you need now is to sit back in the airport bar, and grab yourself a drink.

And that's it! Three brand new T Shirts for your holidays this year, perfectly designed for travelling in. You'll look the part in the airport wearing these tops, with everyone knowing you're in the holiday spirit.

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