Learn Geordie - Geordie Sayings And Phrases

Alreet Pet! There's nothing like the Geordie accent, and is said to be one of the most friendly dialects in the country.

Some may say it's grim up North, but not in Newcastle, and not the Geordies, everyone knows about the vibrant city that is the Toon.

From Byker Grove to Geordie Shore and Vera, there's been no shortage of Geordie inspiration on TV and in pop culture, with Ant & Dec, Cheryl and Alan Shearer being just a few of the big Geordie names which the nation has taken to their heart.

Typical Geordie Phrases And Translations

Alreet mate what ya uptee the morra?
Hello, what are your plans for tomorrow

Yee oot the neet like? Aye but am gannin canny. A woz oot wiv wor lass last neet
Do you have plans tonight? Yes, but not drinking too much, I was out with the wife last night.

Let us naa what ya deein if yee wanna gan for scran or aal just gan yem
Let me know what you are up to, if you want to go for something to eat or I will just go home.

Telt yee that lass from the other neet was proper radge like!
I told you that girl from the other night was crazy! She's a proper radge packet.

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Geordie Dictionary - A to Z

So you want some Geordie words? We here are the most popular and famous words from Geordieland, and what they mean.


Alreet - Hello, literally means "Alright"?

Aal - All

Aye - Yes


Bairn - Baby, child or kid. Pronounced "bern"

Bait - Food, Dinner, Lunch

Belter / Belta - Something which is good

Bonnie / Bonny - Good looking or attractive (Bonny lass, bonny lad)

Broon - Newcastle Brown Ale (Or just the colour brown)


Cadge - Beg

Canny - Something which is good, all right or nice, or a little bit of something or just 'quite' (Canny lass, canny drunk, canny hard)

Charva / Charver - The original word for Chav. Invented in Newcastle, the Southerners changed it.

Clammin - Very hungry, Starving

Clart - dirty, muddy


Da - Dad, Father

Daft - Something or someone who is stupid

Dafty - Someone who is stupid - "Shut up ya dafty"

Dee - Do

Deed - Dead

Deek / Deeks / Deeky - To take a look at something. "Give iz a deeky"

Div - Do; Or short for Divee (someone who is stupid)

Divee - Someone who is stupid

Divent - Do not / Don't - "Aye divent naa" - I Don't know

Doon - Down

Durrem - Slang for Durham jail. "He's in durrem". - He's in jail.


eee - When someone is shocked or surprised, they may say "eee"


Fathaa - Father / Dad

Forst - First

Fower - Four

Fanny - Girls

Frisk - Exciting time


Gadgie / Gadgy - An old man

Gan - Go

Gan canny - go carefully; Take it easy

Gaff - House / Place where you live.

Giz - Give

Graft - Work

Get - Git

Gob - Mouth

Groond - Ground


Heed - Head

Hawld - Hold

Hinny - Girl, lass

Hoos - House

Howay - Come on; Howay is the Geordie, Ha'way is the Mackem version.

Hor - Her

Hortz - Hurts

Hyem / Yem - Home (pronounced Yem)




Kip - Sleep

Kidda / Kidder - A younger person

Knack / Knacks - When something hurts


Lad - Young man, boy, male

Lass - Young women, girl, female

Liberty - something which is not fair "Taking liberties"


Ma - Mother

Mam - Mother, Mum

Mackem - Someone from Sunderland

Marra - A friend

Mags /  Magpies - Geordies, someone from Newcastle or supporters of Newcastle United

Mind - A complex word with many meanings. "A Divent Mine" - I don't care.

Mingin - Horrible, something smelly, ugly

Mint - Something great or good.

Missus - The wife

Mooth - Mouth

Mortal - Drunk


Na / Nah - No

Nee - No "Nee chance" No chance

Neebody - Nobody

Neet - Night

Netty - Toilet

Ne'Cassell - Newcastle

Noot - Nothing

Nowt - Nothing

Nen - None

Nahr - No


Oot - Out. We're gannin oot - We're going out

Ower - Over


Palatic - Very drunk

Paralytic - Very Drunk

Pet - Term of endearment - Alreet Pet?

Polliss - Police (from Polis)

Proper - To emphasise something e.g. proper good, proper bad


Queer - Odd or Strange, also means gay


Radge / Radgie / Radgy / Radji - Someone who's crazy

Reet - Right


Sand Dancer - Someone from South Shields

Scran - Food

Sell - Self


Tab - Cigarette

Ta - Thanks

Taak - Talk

Tattie - Potato

Telt - Told

The Day - Today

The Morra - Tomorrow

Toon - Town - Ganin oot doon the Toon - Going out down the town (night out in Newcastle)

Toon Army - Nickname for Newcastle United FC


Us - Me e.g. Give us a kiss - Give me a kiss / Give iz a kiss

Uptee - Up To



Waak - Walk

Wey Aye - Yes! Used when you really want to emphasise something; "Do you want to go for a drink? Wey Aye man!

Well Aye - Similar to Wey Aye. It can be a sarcastic way of saying Yes.

Wey - Well

Wesh - Wash

Wor - Our - Gannin oot wiv wor lass - Going out with my wife

Worky Ticket - Someone who's misbehaving. Usually used for kids. - He's been a reet worky ticket. - He's misbehaving a lot.

Wrang - Wrong, incorrect.

Woz - Was



Yee - You

Yem - Home

Yersell - Yourself


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Where does Geordie Come From?

If you are from a Scandinavian country or speak Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, then a lot of those words will probably look familiar to you.

Lots of Geordie words were derived from old Norse and are still used in Nordic languages, if you're a fan of the Viking era then you may have heard of some of these words too!